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Originally Posted by SamBeckettfann
thanks QLnut, that makes sense. i, however ws not aware that the show was called Time patrol, i thought it was the adventures of captian galaxy and future boy?
Nope, Moe Stein asks how many of the kids at the skating rink watched Time Patrol.

Originally Posted by SamBeckettfann
and another question, so where did Sam get the idea for project Quantum Leap in the first place, before he changed all that history so the ideas pass between his younger selves?
Well, the Bartender in "Mirror Image" asked Sam why he created Project Quantum Leap, to which the answer was "to make the world a better place." It's unclear whether Sam always intended to physically travel into the past, or if the idea was always just to observe it as a hologram, like Al does. As it turned out, the only way to make that work is to have a traveler physically be in the past. Sam would have came up with the idea for PQL no matter what, because it was his destiny. In the original history, he came up with his theories and got the idea during his time as a physicist. Maybe his own life experiences (father and brother dying, Katie marrying an alcoholic, etc.) had a little something to do with his motivation as well...
- Chris
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