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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
I have another question about the handlink - when does it change from the smooth browny coloured handlink to the bumpy rainbow coloured one? I understand that Al destroyed the brown one when it wasn't working properly and uses the rainbow one later on in the episode, but if I remember correctly the rainbow one was used in a few leaps beforehand.

My main question is though, why did they change the design of the handlink, and why does the NEW version look like Ziggy? (It would make sense that the old one would look like Ziggy, not the new.)
Had this question many years ago. As we have seen specifically in "Lee Harvey Oswald," BOTH versions of the handlink are shown onscreen in the same scene. In fact, THREE handlinks are actually onscreen quickly in one scene (a wall-mounted backlit "Gummi Bear" handlink set as a button, the alternate version of the "Gummi Bear" handlink in Al's hand, and the "calculator" handlink in Gooshie's hand).

With that said, we can safely say that there were always BOTH versions of the handlink and that they always existed simultaneously. It was simply a case of Al utilizing the "calculator" version at first as the Project was coming up to speed. The technology was notoriously on the fritz and so like anything else, they simply upgraded once Al broke the "calculator" model. Obviously, more than one of these existed in order for Gooshie to utilize one in "Lee Harvey Oswald," unless it was a repair.

In regards to the official 'continuity error' of the "Gummi" appearing in "The Boogiem@n," this was either an elongated dream sequence, or it was the literal Devil using a mock handlink (the "Gummi" never lit up in the episode and was simply a front).
- Chris
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