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Originally Posted by blue_engima
Well, the fact that Sam conceived a child with his DNA pretty much seals the body-leaping theory. But even if you ignore Season 5 the fact that Sam could see when he leaped into a blind man backs up the body leaping theory as early as the beginning of Season 2 in my opinion, as does the fact that Sam had burn marks on his temples from the shock therapy in 'The Leap Back'. But even if you go with the soul-leaping theory leaping itself is stressful.
You don't need to convince me, like I said I'm more than convinced that it's his body, in fact every hint you pointed out I've already done so multiple times in other threads. I was merely pointing out that a debate on the subject does exist whether we like it or not.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Season 5 is still part of the canon, whether some of us dislike what they did or not. But Lightning McQueenie gave Season 3's 'Private Dancer' as a good example outside of Season 5. Also in Season 3, in 'Runaway' Sam picked up Butchie's body language (note the scene where he is standing next to the leapee's mother while she talks to her old boyfriend - he's shifting and fidgeting the way a kid that age would). It wasn't always as blatant as it was in episodes like 'Dreams'.
I said season five broke the rules not that it wasn't canon. I accept it's evidence but put the other seasons above it.
Honestly I don't watch Runaway much, twice in fact my whole time as a fan so I'll take your word for that one and won't argue it.

As for the Private Dancer example, yeah I'd forgotten about that in this discussion but I'd talked about that in it's thread. I go into detail over there but there would...I think logically kinda be some muscle memory merge in there which is another interesting concept.

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