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Default Season Finales Best-Worst

How do you rate the 5 season finales of Quantum Leap? Which were good, bad, or indifferent?
I find it very odd that only one of the finales was actually a cliff hanger. Most shows nowadays always end on a cliff hanger but only the season 3 finale, "Shock Theater" was a cliff hanger that led into season 4.
So how do you rate them first to last?

5. Play it Again Seymour Just an episode. Nothing more or less
4. A Leap for Lisa entertaining and a decent hour of television
3. Shock Theater I would have rated it high just because of the cliff hanger aspects of it but I personally did not care for this episode.
2. Mirror Image As the series Finale, I find this episode very interesting and fun to watch. I did like the closure on Beth-Al but am lukewarm of hearing Sam never got home.
1. MIA Not a cliff hanger in any way but a fan favorite and touching episode. I think if we took a fan poll this episode would end up in the top two or three.
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