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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
Unfortunately Mill Creek is one of the lowest tier DVD studios out there. They just license the rights and crank out cheap discs in a hurry.

I wish that Shout! Factory had acquired the rights to QL. They really care about the material and go out of their way to produce good discs. I will say the Quantum Leap Blu-Rays aren't bad, and with some attention they could have fixed the minor problems to make it a spectacular set.
By and large that’s true. I have shout! Factory’s complete “leave it to beaver” set and the packaging and the picture and audio quality and top notch. The first season is grainier for some reason though. They really bungled the “Route 66” release. They promised to go back to the original film elements and remaster the entire series,but decided it was cheaper to use horrible prints from an off brand release and only remaster the last season of the show which was never released previously by the other company.

Mill Creek is bottom of the barrel. Paper sleeves for the discs and most releases are shoddy. I was surprised by the picture quality of the Quantum Leap dvd release. I was watching the first season again today and it’s very crisp. My one complaint would be the music in the background is a little too soft.
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