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Originally Posted by samnal View Post
These were given to me a very long time ago (1993) when they were clearing out the QL offices - I did not get them personally, but a friend in CA was given a bunch of things, some of them what we call 'wet copies' and a lot of outtakes. She was generous and I love her for these. It is really easy to see how Dean and Scott interacted and all the love there. I've been collecting outtakes from various shows-lost quite a few of them during a big clean up we had last year after Hurricane Sandy. Just had to toss 'em. I hope you all enjoy our boys and you can see why what they did was magical.
Believe it or not, they were gonna put these in a dumpster. Why does Universal care? I don't know. They are not doing a thing to save this show or put it out on HD.
They barely did **** to put it out on DVD, they replaced most of the best music with crap and though I myself don't share the issue members here have reported malfunctioning DVDs.

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