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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
I have been a fan of Tangerine Dream since 1996 and finally managed to catch them at a show in Zurich a few years ago. I've also been extensively involved in sharing concert recordings of theirs especially in their most dynamic and improvisational years of 1974-1983. The news hit me pretty hard and I at least got some satisfaction that his passing was covered in so many news media (Even the cover of the BBC website) especially music media. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Oh, that was cool. I only read it on the official website because I'm a member there. Unfortunately here in my country there were zero news about him. Perhaps only a little article or obituary on some obscure newspaper, but nothing at all on TV. The majority of people here don't even know who he was or haven't even heard anything about TD in their entire lives. It's pretty rare to find a person here who knows TD and even more rare to find someone who likes it. People here love to listen to recycled and manufactured crap all the time because apparently they're deaf, haha!! Well, anyone has the rght to like whatever they want, but I have to say it: TD is one of the few truly superior things in this world!! E. Froese's legacy will prevail forever!!!

Edit: Very nice that you at least got to see them live once!!! I could never do that and I so wanted to. In 2005 or so there was word here in Mexico that they were going to come to give a concert at a famous culture room here. They were even selling the tickets so I bought them. Me and my dad went (it was a long distance and there was a lot of traffic that night, we made at least 2 hours) and when we got to the place where TD were supposed to be doing the gig, the security guard told us "who?". "Tangerine Dream...", I said. "Never heard of such guys but tonight there won't be any event here", he said. The room was empty. It all turned out to be a scam, but TD wasn't even aware of that. It was the people who was "organizing the event" here who had turned out to be complete frauds and, if I remember correctly, they even tried to do it three times more on different dates. Many other people fell for it at the time as well. Fortunately I managed to get a full refund but I think it was after many months. Anyway, bad experience and it was my fault to some extent because I didn't do a full investigation beforehand, but I always wanted to see them live and now I know that won't ever happen.
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