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Part 2

Sam pulls the car up near a police barrier in the small car park in front of him and finally reaching Raccoon city he stops the car and stops the engine.

As Sam steps out of the vehicle in front of him he sees a vision of hell cars are turned up side down and a lot was on fire. It was like a war zone many where dead all round police officers dead just laying all around in the street all quickly forgotten. Sam started to feel a little nervous about the whole situation and he says to himself

"what the hell is going on"

He tried to see if he could help any of the dead but it was way to late for anyone.

So investigating the situation further Sam starts to walk pass one of the burning cars in front of him and off in the center of the road he sees two people crouched down looking like they are eating from something in the middle of the road he couldn't make out what they were eating but he was so greatful just to see anyone else who could help him. he says to them as he slowly walks towards them.

"hello hi?"

The two people start to raise slowly leaving there recent dead man of a meal in the road with the dead man laying in a pool of his own blood and turn around and Sam can see straight away there long dead faces.

Sam couldn't believe what he saw the two people started to slowly walk towards him both looking very dead there face was covered in blood and there eyes was gray in color the zombies started to reach towards Sam and started to groan. And unnatural noise.

Sam quickly started to back track his movements and takes his gun out of his side holster and aims it at the two unfortunate beings slowly walking towards him.

Sam says outloud to them

"I don't want to have to use this on you so please stop right now"

But it made no difference the two zombies didn't react to Sam words.

Suddenly the imaging chamber door opens behind Sam and closes again the door brighting up the street with its white light brighting up the night and disappearing again after a few taps on the hand link Al quickly stands near Sam.

Al clocking the zombies straight away in front of Sam

Says with a look of horror on his face.

"oh my God Sam they can't be?"

Sam replys

"I know there's no such thing as......"

Al looking nervous and continues to say

"you might have to shot them Sam"

Sam checks the immediate area and looks behind him seeing the road and side walk clear he says to al quickly.

"AL where is the safest place in this city right now?"

Al taps the hand link it flashes red, green and yellow.

"ziggy says you're safest bet and place you can go to right now is the Raccoon police department get there and you should be OK."

"OK where's that?"

Al taps on the hand link and reads the display closely.

"OK Sam it's just down the road behind you for a few miles turn right and then left and you there."

Sam says "OK let's go"

Sam turns behind him quickly on his feet and starts running down the road towards the Raccoon police department.

The zombies start to follow Sam but still moving deathly slow.

Al not following Sam just yet looks at the zombies more closely and as al moves closer to them the zombies seem to be able to see him al says to himself.

"oh God they look dead"

And continues to say

"oh no not zombies now so it's children, the mentality troubled and zombies that can see me..... Why not blondes?"

The zombies try and reach out for al but after a few taps of the handlink al disappears like a ghost.

Really confusing the zombies.

When al reappears Sam is running down the road running past a American gun shop.

Al says to Sam

"Sam wait"

Sam stops dead in his track starting to pant and says to his hologram friend.

"why we need to keep going to the police station?"

Al looking serious Sam quickly inside the shop I will explain and al walks through the shop front of the shop like a ghost.

Sam says to himself


With luck the shop door is already open and Sam steps into the shop and locks the door behind him.

Sam says to Al

"am not shooting anyone al"

Al tapping on the hand link and looking up to look at Sam says.

"you might not have a choice Sam if they are real zombies you need to arm yourself right now more than the hand gun you already have because according to ziggy there is a illness out there that has turned a lot of the people into cold, hard murders. That you can't reason with"

Sam looking like he was trapped in a almost impossible situation he looks around the shop and says quickly OK there's no harm just having extra guns and ammo if I need them.

Al points to a shotgun on the wall and boxes of ammo in the front display of the shop Sam starts taking many of the shot gun ammo. And after taking everything that is useful AL sees zombies getting close to the shop window and shouts to Sam quickly

"Sam quickly through the back door we need to get out of here."

Sam trys opening the back door but it's locked the zombies walk towards the front door of the shop and the door starts being rocked by the zombies trying desperately to get into the shop ready for their next human meal.

The zombies cover the whole front window now more than 10 standing outside trying to get in and starts hitting the window and the front door hard with Sam being clearly over run of zombies outside and time running out fast.

Sam looks at the zombies through the window with horror and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 2
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