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Part 5

After Sam closes the door behind him he finds himself in a long hallway corridor that leads to two offices on his immediate left and as he walks slowly down the corridor mindless cop zombies slowly starts walking towards Sam in the hall there arms reaching out in a unholy way lost souls doomed to only crave the fresh of the living.

Sam aims his hand gun at the zombies legs and he says outloud towards the unfortunates.

"please forgive me who ever you use to be"

Sam open fires a few rounds and the zombie falls over falling onto the floor unable to move.

And Sam does the same thing two the second and 3rd zombies behind the first one Sam quickly runs past them and make sures that none of the zombies touch him.

He opens one of the near by offices doors the one that reads on the glass


And closes the door behind him in the room it was just a normal office looking also like a class room.

And on one of the nearby desks was a police journal and a type writer on the same desk with a ink ribbon right next to the type writer. Sam was about to pick up the journal when Al reappears behind Sam.


Sam turns around and see's his buddy

"Sam that creature was nothing I have ever seen before its made a huge mess down stairs trying to get me it's not safe down stairs you need to try and find another way out of here"

"OK tell ziggy how do I do that"

Al taps the hand link and says

"ziggys got some thing you're best bet is to go and reach the sewers and escape that way the escape hatch its located in the basement of this station I can lead you let's go."

Sam opens the door and heads down the corridor avoiding the zombies on the floor and as he is about to open the only exit they can see in front of them.

A large roar is heard and through the other door that Sam came through originally. The tyrant busts into the hallway through that door totally destroying the door and a bit of the hallway and it roars again and runs towards Sam totally destroying the zombies as it runs passed them in the corridor Sam quickly opens the door behind him and makes a run for it.

End of part 5
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