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Part 4

Meanwhile the terminator that was successful in destroying project quantum leap drives up to a no longer dis continued army base he shoots the lock of the main gate that protects the compound with his hand gun and leaves his motorcycle outside and walks through the main gates and breaks into the base by kicking the door down in the future this base is one of sky nets terminator factorys. The terminator knows this and walks over into the power room and rewires the power supply and energy flows back through the building and the base.

After resorting the power he leaves the room and comes to two big blasts doors army grade doors he presses the door control and the two main doors opens slowly with an alarm ringing in his ears from a far.

The terminator walks into the room where he finds himself in a empty hanger bay he closes the blast doors again and after doing so the alarm dies off and he stands in the center of the room looking at the main blast doors and he turns on his internal power supply stand by mode.

His red screen vision says.

Stand by mode on.......

Deactivate T101......

Reactivate on day of judgement day for

Skynet to reobtain model and update T101 with new mission commands.....


And suddenly his screen turns off like a computer screen being switched off from the mains and the terminator's red eyes fades off and turns off completely the terminator stands in the middle of the room successful standing their like a statue waiting for judgment day to occur.

New Mexico 1999 (again)

Suddenly bright light appears out of no where and a lightning storm builds up and hits the ground a time ball appears and after it fades away the terminator arises out of the ball and walks up to the nearby freeway and looks up into the night sky.

The terminator calculates he has landed a week before the original terminator is due to land at the same place. Project quantum leap is still out there safe and sound for the moment and at that very same moment a motorcycle drives down the road the terminator stands in the middle of the road stopping the oncoming driver the driver stops takes his helmet off and shouts.

"what the hell are you doing buddy! And wheres your clothes too?"

The T101 says to the driver

"your clothes give them to me.... Now!"

The driver shanks his head and replys

"no way matey"

The terminator pushes him off his bike and takes his clothes off and then grabs the poor guy and knocks his head against the bike the driver falling into unconscious laying on the road for all to see.

After Arnold is suited and booted he leaves the unfortunate in the middle of the road he gets onto the bike and drives down the road dressed in leathers and wearing black sunglasses heading into the near by city.

A week later in the same desert.

A lightning flash appears and a storm starts to builds up as if out of nowhere and after a lot of wind is felt an energy ball appears out of thin air and the original terminator appears and stands up naked. He looks left to right and steps out of the desert walking to the near by road where a man suddenly starts walking towards the new terminator and says

"don't think about obtaining any clothes you don't need them."

The naked terminator scans the other fully clothed terminator and in his red screen vision it scans the T101 and it says on his system.

Reprogrammed terminator T101....

Terminate....... At once.......

The naked terminator runs towards the other and at that very same moment the other Arnold model fires a cable gun at the Skynet terminator and it hits him squarly in the chest his system is immediately flooded with electricity, electricity sparks hit all over his body and his system overloads and burns out his CPU of the terminator he falls to the ground terminated.......

The protecter lifts up the Skynet mobel and puts him in the back of his truck and gets into the driver's sit and drives off down the road heading towards a hot steel factory.

After arriving he lifts the terminator out of the back of the truck and carrys him on his shoulder and walks into the factory, factory workers wearing high viability jackets walks towards the stranger and say to him.

"you can't be here get out this factory isn't open to the public."

The machine takes a gun from his jacket pocket aims the weapon into the air and let's out a few rounds all the workers start to flee running for their lives.

The machine with unshanken confidence gets to where the hot steel is and throws the terminator into the hot steel and it starts to melt destroying the terminator once and for all.

As the protecter is leaving the factory another Arnold terminator runs towards him and then they both grab each other in a tactal and the new mobel says

"you didn't think it was going to be that easy now did you."

The protector pulls the other towards him head butts him a few times and throws him to the ground. The Skynet model gets up and runs towards him grabs the protector and with a pull and a throw, throws the terminator towards his car. He hits the top of the vehicle and he rips through the car like it's made out of tin. But being very lucky he picks up the cable gun from the truck that he made from many different gun parts. Quickly gets out of the smashed up vehicle recharges the gun by pressing a button on its side of the weapon aims the weapon and fires the cable into the chest of the new terminator it overloads and his system shuts down like the other model and like before Arnold immediately picks up the terminator and throws him into the hot steel too with the terminator melting into nothing.

The terminator walks out of the factory looking a bit badly beaten up but now the time line has changed project quantum leap is safe and everyone who was killed by the original terminator is now safe and sound.

It says on the red screen of the terminators internal system.

Save project quantum leap successful.....

And save Dr Sam beckett.....

Mission completed.......

Back in the future the moment the terminator destroyed the second terminator in the hot steel.

Sam was with the human tech comms and they were celebrating sky nets centeral computer being destroyed all the terminators had fallen to the ground and was no longer working he discovered that Skynet had learnt that the human race created a time machine in the past and wanted to take it out as quickly as possible that's why him and the project itself became a quick target for Skynet and while everyone was celebrating Sam knew within himself that the terminator was successful in his mission and in that very same moment of reflection he was over come by blue quantum leap energy and Sam leaps into time.....

After Sam was feeling like he was flying through the air and time suddenly a overwhelming feeling came over him and he started to land in his new place and time as Sam leaped in he found himself as a pit fighter and the crowd was going wild and the announcer said

"fight round 1!"

And the other fighter goes for Sam and Sam quickly says

"oh boy!"

The end

Meanwhile the terminator stays in New Mexico 1999 and from a far keeps a eye on project quantum leap and makes sures through out the years the project Stays safe from harm and as soon as judgement day hits the world the terminator looking very old and a lot different from how he used to look goes back to John Connor as soon as Sam leaps out of John the T101 spends the rest of his time protecting John Connor in the war between the machines.
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