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Default Quantum leap out of time

Chapter 1

"You're done it Sam history changed mark and Sarah stay together and raise there little daughter together they don't break up and they are both really happy get ready to leap buddy!"

Al smiles at Sam looking up from the handlink.

Sam smiles and looks at Sarah and he takes Sarah into his arms and kisses her and as he kisses her in that moment he is covered in bright blue light and quantum leaps into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam is surprised that he is still kissing a woman when he stops kissing her.

She opens her eyes and says to Sam.

"Who the hell are you? And slaps him across the face
"Where am I and where?"

Sam looking nervous replys

"What do you mean?"

"My name is Sarah and I was just kissing my husband then suddenly I felt electricity pass through my body and now I am some where different and your not my husband."

Realising Sarah had quantum leaped with Sam too Sam says.

"Oh boy!"

Meanwhile at project quantum leap.

Al walks into the waiting room and when he enters the chamber.

He gets the fright of his life.

Al finds two people in the waiting room one man and one woman.

Al says to Ziggy through the handlink.

"What's going on Ziggy?"

"Admiral were not totally sure but Sam didn't leap on his own from his recent leap he took Sarah with him."

Al says looking shocked

"Oh boy!"

End of chapter 1
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