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Default Quantum leap out of time

Chapter 2

Sarah looks at Sam and says

"What's going on?"

"Don't worry I can explain everything"

"Start explaining! What was that energy that i felt?"

"Ok promise me you'll keep a open mind"

"Ok go on"

She folds her arms together looking really unhappy and with a serious look on her face.

"I am a time traveler"

"What! Time travel?" looking at Sam with a very unbelieving look on her face.

"We just did something I call quantum leaping"

"The electrical thing passing through our body's"

"Yes that's right "

"All of this is just fantasy I won't believe it"

"Sarah I am telling you the truth and I can proof it look at your self in the mirror over there on the living room wall"


"Trust me look Sarah"


She slowly walks towards the mirror and as soon as she sees herself in the mirror she sees a different woman looking back at herself from the looking glass and sam walks close to her and she sees a different men in the reflection too and at that moment it was too much for her she falls unconscious in fright. And falls on the floor.

Sam looks at her and says

"Oh boy!"

He helps her up picks her up and puts her onto the sofa and lays her down to recover.

Suddenly the imaging chamber door opens and Al looking worried steps out and after a few taps on the handlink the door closes behind him.

"We've got real problems this time"

"You're telling me"

"Sarah leaped with me!"

"So you already know that's good that's good"

"How is this even possible Al?"

Al taps the handlink and says

"Ziggy says it was a million to one shot she by mistake leaped with you"

"I know I have held people many times before and no one has ever leaped with me before"

"I know sam we don't know all the reasons why it happened but this time it happened she leaped with you"

"So what do we do now?"

"Like you always have done Sam it's just this time you have a little extra help on this leap that's the only difference.* Where is Sarah?"

"She collapsed the moment she saw her reflection in the mirror."

"Oh no"

"It's ok she's still recovering so where are we this time?"

"Let's see"

Al taps the handlink and it's flashes at Al's touch.

"Ok it's the 27 July 1985 and you have both leaped into a couple Mr and miss Anderson."

"And why are we both here?"

"Ziggy's not sure yet we have been distracted by having another person in the waiting room"

"So Sarah's body's in the waiting room?"

"Yes she is there"

"Ok please go back and find out why we've here please?"

"Ok sure, sure"

Al taps the handlink the door opens Al stands in the doorway and says before disappearing.

"Look after Sarah"

Sam smiles and says

"I will"

The door closes and Al is gone.

End of chapter 2
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