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Default Quantum leap meets Stargate SG-1

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself in army uniform looking at the most impossible thing he has ever seen.

Sam was in complete aww of the wonder Infront of him.

General hammond says over the speaker phone.

"SG-1 you have a go!"

Sam was in aww of the event horizon of the Stargate as all the SG-1 personal was going through the water like portal of the star gate Sam was frozen to the spot transfixed by the technology of the star gate when all the team was through apart from jack o Neill and Daniel Jackson who was now the good Dr Beckett.

Jack looked at Sam and said

"Daniel we don't have time for this!"

Jack grabbed sams arm and pulls him towards the gate continuing to say.

"We're done this millions of times already Daniel."

And all Sam could Say before entering the portal of the star gate was.....

"Oh boy!"

As they both went through the water like portal of the gate.

Both jack and Daniel are transported through the gate network like they where on a high speed rollercoaster.

Within minutes both jack and Daniel join with the rest of SG1 on the other side.

And Sam trying to get his breath back from traveling through the star gate.

Jack says

"Welcome to P4X - 798"

The rest of SG1 was making sure the local area was safe near the dial home device of the Stargate.

The Stargate naturally disengages leaving the team on this whole new world and as Sam looks at the empty ring of the Stargate he says quietly to himself.

"Where are you Al?"


Project quantum leap.

Al was standing in the centre of the imaging chamber and as he hits commands into the hand link.

At first nothing happens.

The handlink flashes in its normal way and he trys again and still nothing happens.

Al wearing his multi coloured clothes says to the head programmer.

"What's going on why can't I lock onto Sam?"

The programmer replys

"Al we just had a lock on him be he has just disappeared from where he was"

"What do you mean his disappeared?"

"Ziggy says there's a 92.3 per cent chance Dr Beckett is no longer on planet earth."

And with a shocked look on his face he says to himself.

"Oh boy!"

End of chapter 1
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