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I recommend the following stories from seasons 12 through 14

1201 Close Encounters (season premiere)
1204 Killin More Time (beginning of the main story arc for season 12 that picks up later)
1206 Between The Cracks (part of a smaller story arc ending with a follow up four part epic)
1207 Holding On Letting Go I
1208 Holding On Letting Go II
1209 Holding On Letting Go III
1210 Holding On Letting Go IV
1212 Time Traveler's Aid Society (interesting 2 part story)
1213 Running Against Time
1215 Crimson Reflections (sequel to "And Then Darkness Falls)
1216 Deadly Seas
1218 For Her Heart (introduces a new character)
1219 X3
1220 Someone To Watch Over Me
1221 To Help A Friend
1222 The Great Blue Yonder
1223 Alcatraz
1224 The Calm Before The Storm
1225 Shockwave
1226 Shockwave II: Severed String
1227 Sanctuary
1228 Sanctuary II
1229 Draft Dodger
1230 On Dangerous Ground
1231 Un-American
1232 Preemptive Strike
1235 For The Sake of the Call I (2 part season finale)
1236 For The Sake of the Call II
1301 Don't Touch The Green Chili (season premiere)
1304 Evil Reborn I
1305 Evil Reborn II
1308 Deceit
1312 In The Line of Fire
1317 Post Traumatic Leap Syndrome 1
1318 Post Traumatic Leap Syndrome 2
1321 I'm Too Sexy 1
1322 I'm Too Sexy 2
1325 Stepping Into A Slide Zone 1
1326 Stepping Into A Slide Zone 2
1327 Bloodlines
1328 The Meeting (season finale)
1401 The Interrogation (season premiere)

I hope this updated list helps. I myself am such a big fan that when I started reading in the middle of season 11, I read every story. It took me a few months to go through it all. I recommend every story, but I say read these to get the best stuff. The mythology is a little bit clearer this way. I might even go back and just re-read the recommended reading list just for that.

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