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Default Body or Soul?

A post that Joy(TinaAlsGirl) posted in the Favorite novel thread made me wonder what others have to say on this subject so I decided to ask. Which idea do you like more The concept of Sam's Soul leaping which is discussed in most of the novels or the concept of his body leaping which the actual show implys?
Me? I prefer the idea of Sam's body leaping. Because if it's just his soul than techniqually the host is still there just not spiritually meaning Sam is not actully still Sam his mind just is; and the point of the show is that Sam is supposed to always still be Sam. So saying that his soul is leaping kind of ruins the concept of the show I think. Plus I don't like how that makes it harder to convince the committe that Sam really did leap which is one concept in Ashley Mcconnell's Random Measures that was written well.

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