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Originally Posted by Al's Handlink View Post
With the invent of Blu-Ray, Universal has a real chance to make up for the mistakes they made with the DVD's.

They should re-release the Series on Blu-Ray, adding the origional music back in and adding some New Special Features.

Universal, make it happen
Unfortunately, the benefits of Blu-ray can't make up for the omitted music. It's gotten a little more tolerable in recent years with video renting services, but then the picture quality suffers if watched online.

Fact of the matter is, sure they could port Quantum Leap over to Blu-ray tomorrow, but will they be that confident in sales to warrant the purchase of the remaining omitted music?

My solution? Come up with 1080/24p HD streaming transfers and play them online so the music can remain intact without Universal paying lump sums and fans get what they want.

Of course, the Blu-ray has no sound limitations, so if we had physical discs we could get uncompressed or even HD soundtracks...
- Chris
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