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Default Out of Norm Leaps

I would like to discuss the episodes when Sam's Leapee was not a "White Male". There are several where Sam is a woman, minority, senior citizen, teen ager. Of these which are your favorites? Least favorites? why?

Lets start the discussion on SAM AS A WOMAN
My favorite episode: RAPED
This is an emotional charged subject and the episode is well written and full of drama. The leaped is sympathetic, the episode has strong characters, and a real despicable villain, the rapist.

Least Favorite: LIBERATION
I do not hate this episode, I just had to pick one for least favorite and this one fits the bill.

I loved seeing Sam as a woman. Since his first time, "WHAT PRICE GLORIA" we have been treated to some of the best episodes of the series: ANOTHER MOTHER, SONG FOR THE SOUL.
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