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Originally Posted by TylerMeans View Post
I would like to discuss the episodes when Sam's Leapee was not a "White Male". There are several where Sam is a woman, minority, senior citizen, teen ager. Of these which are your favorites? Least favorites? why?

Lets start the discussion on SAM AS A WOMAN
My favorite episode: RAPED
This is an emotional charged subject and the episode is well written and full of drama. The leaped is sympathetic, the episode has strong characters, and a real despicable villain, the rapist.

Least Favorite: LIBERATION
I do not hate this episode, I just had to pick one for least favorite and this one fits the bill.

I loved seeing Sam as a woman. Since his first time, "WHAT PRICE GLORIA" we have been treated to some of the best episodes of the series: ANOTHER MOTHER, SONG FOR THE SOUL.
Haha, I actually really dislike LIBERATION. I do like that they emphasized that it was having the choice that was important. Some women want to work, some don't want to - they want to stay home and be with their kids. Both are valid choices and neither should be denigrated. But the rest of it, not so much, and I really really hate that they felt the need to muck up the issue with the abusive backstory.


Almost every time Sam leaped into anyone who wasn't a white (cis) male, he announced it in some way and made a big deal out of it. This is one episode where for once he doesn't do that. He says "Oh boy, I'm a mommy", emphasizing and defining the role of being a mommy and everything that goes along with it (and the domestic disaster he leaped into, lol) rather than being a woman. And he spends the entire episode just wearing the dress and the earrings and the shoes. There's never a complaint about it, no ridiculous scenes played for laughs where he trips in the heels or whatever. He just assumes the role. It's great. And of course Al is adorable with Teresa, as he always is with kids, so that also makes this episode a favorite.
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