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Firstly I'd like to say that I wouldn't call the types of leapees you listed as "out of the norm". Regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc. we are all human beings. We are one.

I'd also like to point out that with the exception of Darlene and Cherie, pretty much all of the female leapees weren't exactly attractive. In the cases of Linda Bruckner and Katie McBane that's more acceptable as the roles of a middle aged mother and a raped teenage girl are not appropriate to glamorize but bestie and I had the biggest issue with this in the case of Samantha Stormer. She was portrayed as being hit on by every guy she bypassed including Al which means she needed to be attractive but her reflections shots didn't make that believable. Sorry but she kinda had man arms/hands in one and in another they might as well have just put Scott in a wig! Though the reflection of her in Shock Theater actually ended up being pretty.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Haha, I actually really dislike LIBERATION. I do like that they emphasized that it was having the choice that was important. Some women want to work, some don't want to - they want to stay home and be with their kids. Both are valid choices and neither should be denigrated. But the rest of it, not so much, and I really really hate that they felt the need to muck up the issue with the abusive backstory.
Agreed, the focus issue of Liberation was smart and well intentioned but writing the character who ran the movement an abusive backstory gave it the wrong image, one of vengeance rather than justice. What you ended up seeing was a woman who was emotionally unstable rather than one trying to make a difference.
The expression on Sam at the ending moment when the husband went to kiss him was priceless however. XD

Originally Posted by blue_enigma

Almost every time Sam leaped into anyone who wasn't a white (cis) male, he announced it in some way and made a big deal out of it. This is one episode where for once he doesn't do that. He says "Oh boy, I'm a mommy", emphasizing and defining the role of being a mommy and everything that goes along with it (and the domestic disaster he leaped into, lol) rather than being a woman. And he spends the entire episode just wearing the dress and the earrings and the shoes. There's never a complaint about it, no ridiculous scenes played for laughs where he trips in the heels or whatever. He just assumes the role. It's great. And of course Al is adorable with Teresa, as he always is with kids, so that also makes this episode a favorite.
He did as Al pointed out, nearly hyperventilate over the mother's schedule which was amusing. In that same scene he also questioned why the mother was the leapee but overall you're right this was one of few where a female leapee was kept quite subtle and an adorable episode. The kidnappers are poorly written and underdeveloped but Teresa is the reason to watch in my opinion.

I'd say an unusual leap that take the top is The Wrong Stuff. Scott spending the entire episode mostly naked is reason enough alone (hehe yum! ) but the animal rights issue was well represented and I just adored Cory and how Sam was really sweet on her near the end. Scott as I heard as really enjoyed working with Cory.

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