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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
As for Running for Honor, we find out from the ending moment that they were actually making a point of keeping it unclear whether or not Tommy was homosexual.
Right, and I'm not sure I like that they did that. It feels a little bit like they wanted to try to deal with the issue without completely committing to it.

Though I agree with you that the fact that she was the Admiral's daughter would deter him either way.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
One could argue that are several hints of possible mind merging here actually, the hands on the hips and the crossing of the legs that Al accused of being homosexual male gestures could have been Tommy though we've seen Sam do those things before.
Those are very stereotypical though, so if that's how the show was intending to hint at it, there were better ways to do it. Again, I realize that a lot of this had to do with when the show aired, and they had to be very careful about presenting certain things then. The producers of the show were courageous in many of the things they did tackle and I do appreciate that. I just notice the things that fall short too.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Returning to Liberation, it's understandable that Sam would be uncomfortable with that kiss. It's a very intament and personal action that is against his sexual preference but you're not wrong, for the objective of that portion of the leap it was unethical as not only were these two people married but he needed to keep it that way regardless of the fact that it was Sam's actions which jeopardized their marriage in the first place. That actually speaks even more for the necessity of that kiss. As you pointed out though the explanation is the black and white one of it being inappropriate for television in that time period. So it's not entirely the fault of the show but of society for being so closed minded. It still today hasn't improved much.
It's understandable, but looking at all the different leapees Sam mind-merged with it seems pretty selective.

And even if Sam hadn't been the one to jeopardize the marriage, part of his job in this leap was to make sure the marriage was saved. He needed to do his job, and if that meant kissing the leapee's husband he needed to do it like he meant it.

But yeah, the real life explanation is they would've gotten backlash if they'd played it any other way than for laughs. And you're right, it's not much better today, at least on network television. Stuff written for paid cable channels can push the envelope more ('Looking' is a good example and it is worth watching for Scott Bakula - he's really great in it).
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