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On the subject of female leaps, we should remember that women make up more than half the population.

In total, Sam leapt into the lives of women nine times:

- Samantha Stormer (What Price Gloria)
- Linda Bruckner (Another Mother)
- Darlene Monte (Miss Deep South)
- Billie-Jean Crockett (8 + 1/2 Months)
- Katie McBain (Raped)
- Cheree (A Song for the Soul)
- Margaret Sanders (Liberation)
- Dr Ruth Westheimer (Dr Ruth)
- Liz Tate (Revenge of the Evil Leaper)

In a 97 episode run, this meant that the proportion of leaps which were female was 11.34%, lower than Sam's possibility of return after he modified the retrieval program. Why do you think this proportion was so low, when really it should have been at least half (considering the number of women in the world)?
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