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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Name me a time when it wasn't because I'm at a loss. If you're gonna name Billy Jean and Larry Statton, I disagree. That was psychical trauma, stress on the body.
Technically leaping was physical stress and trauma on the body.

And I did name a time. In Liberation it wasn't just about Sam being worried about the leap. It was a whole other level of him obsessing about the stuffed mushrooms.

Dr. Ruth was another instance. He started speaking like her.

There was always some bleed over from the leapee into Sam. They just didn't start making a big deal out of it until episodes like 'Dreams'.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
That's not true, in just about every episode, Sam plays the character a little differently, suggesting that he always absorbs a little bit of the leapee.
And I see that while I was commenting Lightning McQueenie chimed in with some good examples and a better worded explanation.
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