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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
That's not true, in just about every episode, Sam plays the character a little differently, suggesting that he always absorbs a little bit of the leapee.
That doesn't suggest anything at all, Sam has to convince the people around him that he is who he's replaced and they are all different people.
Interesting that you should suggest that he absorbs a bit of every leapee; one of the novels uses that theory but I can not recall which one. Possibly Loch Ness Leap. The author for sure explores some insane theories in that book.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
What about in "Private Dancer" where he knew how to dance like a stripper despite never learning how? He had a "What the Hell am I doing?" look on his face at the time...
Haha, did you just throw my own words from that thread at me? I'm honestly amused if you did. Thank you for that catch.
Alright so there were one or two instances where it wasn't traumatic or mental instability.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
The chance of the modified retrieval program being successful was 12%...
No it wasn't and I have no idea where you're getting that number.
"How will you get back!?"
"Use the retrieval program."
"It didn't work the first time you leaped."
"I've updated it."
"Ziggy, what are the chances of retrieving Dr. Beckett?"

- The Leap Back

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Technically leaping was physical stress and trauma on the body.
Actually some don't see it as his body doing the leaping but I'm with you, I firmly believe it is and that it's more than clearly displayed throughout the series. Some fans however choose to believe that it's his soul. Ashley McConnell's novels portray this.

Originally Posted by blue_engima
Dr. Ruth was another instance. He started speaking like her.
Granted I'd forgotten about Dr. Ruth but once again season five broke all the rules, the leapee herself broke the rules. Dr. Ruth is a real life celebrity. By far the best of the famous figure leaps for the record.

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