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I enjoyed Dr. Ruth a lot; it was very funny when he started talking like her, and the scenes with Dr. Ruth and Al were a riot too. It was a good episode.

As far as avoiding scenes like men kissing in Liberation, I agree with the idea that at that time there were a lot more restrictions on what was allowed on T.V. and they may have been avoiding getting into trouble by getting a laugh. Many of the leaps in and out were funny or amusing though. That wasn't the only one where Sam leapt in or out at an opportune time. I don't think they were deliberately trying to be offensive, and I don't think the idea of Sam kissing another man was the point of the story anyway. I thought the general idea behind the episode was a good one, which I think was that women should be able to have a career or choose to stay at home or participate in organizations they are interested in, and they shouldn't be hassled about that choice. Whether they fell short in the way they executed it is a matter of opinion.

As far as the theme of Running For Honor, as I've said, I don't think they necessarily were trying to say people should believe or not believe a certain way. They brought up different ideas and let the audience make up their own minds. I think Sam's line "does it really matter?" just before he leapt summed it up pretty well. I think it's commendable that they addressed topics that were considered controversial; not many shows bothered to do that.

As for episodes like Private Dancer, I don't really recall if it was established that Sam was a good dancer before that leap and just didn't remember, but I do recall that he could sing and play piano before the leaps in Piano Man and the other episodes where he did musical stuff but didn't remember he had musical talent. Haha, Scott being as talented as he is in those areas was enough reason to have episodes where he is singing, playing piano and dancing.
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