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For me the biggest problem with it only being Sam's mind/spirit leaping is that does not all fit how Scott Bakula acted in the series. It has to be his whole physical body leaping. Otherwise why would it be so awkward for him to wear women's shoes or clothes? This is something that is way over thought. From the Pilot it's really obvious it's his body. THe fact that he sees a mirror image that is not his own! If he was in a different body he would look down at himself and see the difference. ALso in the Pilot Al says if Tom Stratton stays living in the future he would be the oldest man alive. Later when Sam first Leaps into a woman and SAm was surprised Al saw him as a woman was proof positive Sam's in his own body. If it was just his mind Sam would know everyone sees him as a woman even Al.

Sure the body leaping raises questions. But it's better than destroying a core element of the whole. Which is we are experiencing Sam's Leaps by watching him physically in those situations. Scott would have had to play the part completely different. It would have robbed the show of a lot of the drama and humor if it's was just his mind. That would have made it much easier for him to adjust to each Leap.
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