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I'm glad you like it. Replica Props had gotten the acrylic shell near-perfect and was looking at electronics solutions. That's when I reached out to him and offered to take a whack at it. It took me some time, but I kept wailing away on it until I was happy with it. I have to give credit to Matt Dale (author of Beyond the Mirror Image) who graciously went through every episode through seasons 3, 4, and 5 to make sure we had every single sound represented. We ended up with 6 different "shake" sounds, two startup sounds, all the bleeps and bloops, as well as a fun easter egg mode. It runs for 10-12 hours on a charge, which is done through standard microUSB.

We're also very close to shipping a Wristlink (prominently seen worn by Scott and Mimi (Donna) in The Leap Back).

We also got some very kind words from the original creator of the Gummi Bear handlinks and wristlink John Riley. He said we got it very close on both props.
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