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Default Quantum leap "imagine"

Chapter 2

"ok please go back and be sure I am very nervous Al"

"this is definitely some serious history changing if ziggys right"

"how did John die? I can't remember my Swiss cheese memory is affecting me"

"it was horrible Sam"

Al taps the hand link

"the day John died was a great tragedy not just to the world of music but to the whole world Sam. He was shot and killed On December 8, 1980, Lennon was fatally shot in front of his New York City home by crazed fan*Mark David Chapman the rat who killed John Lennon. "

" ah I remember you saying when I was with my sister. "

" so Sam because we are here now we can't let John down OK we need to save him Sam"

Sam nods in agreement

Suddenly Yoko knocks on the bathroom door and says

"is everything alright John?"

Sam says through the door

"everything alright I'll be out In a minute."

Al taps the hand link and says

"I'll go back and see if I can help Ziggy speed up a little with the data" he taps the hand link.

The imaging chamber door opens Al stands in the white of the door way and says

"we can't fail on this one Sam it's to important"

And Sam says

"thanks Al"

As Al walks down the ramp towards the control room of the project Sam as John Lennon the image of him starts to fade behind Al and disappear in the whiteness of the doorway behind him and the door closes behind him.

Al walks up to gooshie and says

"ok let's start and run the program so we are sure why Sam's leaped into John"

"yes admiral"

The head programmer starts to run the program and Ziggy says to Al from above.

"it's highly likely Dr beckett is there to save John but I will double check to be sure."

"thanks Ziggy and get me as much information as possible on Mark David Chapman we are definitely going to need it."

"yes admiral"

Al walks towards the waiting room to welcome the new visitor to the project.

Al gives Sam's counter part in the waiting room a pair of round small glasses for John to wear he puts the glasses on and says looking at his reflection in the waiting room mirror embedded in the waiting room table in front.

"this is pretty far out you know"

"how are you doing this? where's yoko?"

"John it's so good to meet you, you have swapped places with a good friend of mine in time and your in a room we call the waiting room"

"the waiting room?"

"yes that's right"

"so you're telling me I have travel through time?"



John touchs his own face seeing Sam looking back at him through the looking glass of the mirror and John wearing the white quantum leap jump fermi suit.

"so why has you're friend traded places in time with me? "

"am not sure you're ready to know yet but please know John we are definitely here to help you."

"who are you?"

"they call me Al, my names Al"

"Where's Ringo this isn't a trick now is it?"

"no John it's not"

John looks at his reflection thoughtfully

"so is your friend a good guy Al you know"

"yes he is he's a damn good guy"

End of chapter 2

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