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Default Quantum leap "imagine"

Chapter 4

When the blue flash was over Sam found himself in bed and sean Johns son was sitting in the middle of the bed and Yoko was on the other side of the bed.

Everyone was in there PJs and film crews and new reporters where everywhere in front of the family.

There was homemade signs on the window that read just behind them.

"Hair peace , bed peace"

Sam was looking really nervous Al appears next to Sam and says reading from the hand link.

"It's 25 March*1969 and this is when Yoko and John do in bed for peace protest in connection with Vietnam. Ziggy says everything you say must happen the same way it did before"

Sam nods in agreement and says to one side trying to not be seen talking to his invisible friend.

"Help me Al"

Al reads tapping the hand link and reading to Sam John Lennon original answers to the new reporters.

"How about this company you and Yoko has formed this band productions?"

"What takes care of our business is books,** films and records"

"What you now see is John and Yoko is a team now we are both doing it together"

Yoko says to a near by reporter.

"But you where a film maker before are you still going to make films "a lady reporter says to the couple.

"Were making films together now"

Sam says "you're on one now you're in it "

"Yes , yes"

"They might think I am going to hot up the resolution but I want to cool it down"

"This is why we are doing this because it's very urgent and every single one of us is in it"

Yoko says to the new media.

As the reporters take pictures of the couple and records there conversation.

"If we make people laugh then that's good enough happiness is a good vibe for peace and you can grow your hair for peace or cut it off have some sign on ya for peace you know all we are saying is if you think you can do better than do it! top it!* Stop asking us is it going to work do something You're self.

A woman news reporter continues to say

"Your little daughter is part of the peace movement do you think more children should be and how do you think it should be done?"

"Yes , yes were not here to preach this is our way of saying were with you, you know to the younger generation "yoko replies

Then a man in a suit enters the room and walks towards the couple and at that moment Sam is overcome by a blue flash again....

Sam finds himself at Johns home studio at Tittenhurst Park. And Sam is holding a guitar and standing in front of a microphone.

And Al reappears walking out of a near by wall and says.

"It's *July 1, 1971:*and this is the day john records "imagine Sam"

"That's great" Sam smiles and Al continues to say I have brought a friend with me.

He touch's thin air then John Lennon is brought into view by Al's touch on his arm John and Sam stand together and yoko presses record.

And unaware to her both Sam and John start to sing together the song "imagine"

#Imagine there's no countries
#It isn't hard to do
#Nothing to kill or die for
#And no religion, too

#Imagine all the people
#Living life in peace

#You, you may say I'm a dreamer
#But I'm not the only one
#I hope someday you will join us
#And the world will be as one

#Imagine no possessions
#I wonder if you can
#No need for greed or hunger
#A brotherhood of man

#Imagine all the people
#Sharing all the world

#You, you may say I'm a dreamer
#But I'm not the only one
#I hope someday you will join us
#And the world will live as one


(Songwriters: John Lennon)

(Imagine lyrics Lenono Music, Downtown Music Publishing, Lenono Music C/o Downtown Dmp Songs)

And after The song was recorded Sam leaps again in another blue flash.

End of chapter 4
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