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Default Quantum leap imagine

Chapter 7

Sam found himself on the street with yoko and with the radio crew and they all where waiting for there lift to take them to the record studio as they are waiting.

Sam says to himself quitely trying not to be heard.

"Where are you Al?"

When yoko looks at him he smiles back at her.

Suddenly a fan of Lennons takes him totally off guard and he sees the fan carrying "double fantasy" in his hands album.

"Would you like me to sign that for you?"

The fan smiles and nods.


Sam gets a marker pen from the radio staff and he signs the album and gives the album back.

One member of the radio crew takes pictures of them together and then the limo pulls up and then both yoko and sam gets into the vehicle and they travel with the radio crew to the studio.

As they are driving to record planet.

Al appears in the limo sitting next to Sam.

"Where have you been?"

Sam picks up the limo phone in the car and pretends to talk to Al on the phone.

"Sorry Sam I got a bit tried up"

"Where am I this time?"

"Ok it's December 8, 1980 just after 4:30pm and you are on your way to record planet and this is the day Lennon is killed. Oh no Sam"


"Did you sign a record on the street for a fan?"

"Yes I did why?"

"Because that was Chapman!"

"Oh boy but why hasn't he killed me yet if he's the killer?"

"He doesn't do it until later on tonight Sam"


"Best thing to do continue with the day as it originally occurred but when you get to the point he trys and kills you then you can stop him."

"Ok Al thanks Al"

Sam puts the phone back on the receiver.

Yoko says

"Is everything ok John? You seemed quite worried."

"It's ok everything sorted now"

And Al taps the handlink and disappears into thin air.

When the limo pulls up at the studio everyone gets out of the vehicle and everyone makes there way into the studio everyone excited to start work on the latest album.

Everything played out as before Al was with me coaching me through the process but as time moved on the time drove it's way to the time John was suppose to get killed only this time I hope events would play out quite differently.

It was 10:50pm at night and I felt sick to my stomach knowing what was about to happen didn't help matters.

Both me and yoko left the studio after a successful recording on Lennons album.

And I said to the driver.

"Take us home"

The limo driver says

"Yes sir"

The vehicle slowly drives towards there home and Al reappears next to sam and says.

"It's time Chapman is going to be waiting for you , you're going to have to be careful"

"I know Al"

The rest of the journey carried on in silence and when the limo parked up at there home in Dakota. Al disappears and reappears out side near Lennons apartment.

Sam slowly gets out of the car with yoko and he sees Chapman holding his signed record the same one from hours before and giving sam a awkward smile and kept eye contact with him.

Al says.

"Be careful Sam!"

Yoko makes her way to there apartment and Sam says to Chapman.

"Why are you doing this?"

Chapman doesn't reply and starts to pull a gun out of his jacket.

"Sam he's going for a gun!"

Sam quickly does a round house kick and kicks the gun from his hand as the gun hits the street.

Sam punches Chapman in the face they fight in the street for a few minutes and then he falls to the floor unconscious.

Yoko hears the fight in the street.

She runs back to Sam and says

"What's going on?"

"Quickly call 911!"

She runs into the apartment and makes the call.

Sam stays near Chapman to make sure he doesn't get back up as soon as the police arrive they arest David. And Al says tapping the handlink.

"You did it Sam David is arrested for attempted murder and gets life in prison and John lives on he keeps a low profile but he still continues to promote peace and well being he makes a lot more music and lives to a very old age Sam. And he teams up again with the Beatles!"

Sam smiles and says

"That's great."

Yoko runs up to Sam and hugs him tightly and says.

"I love you John"

"I love you too"

And in that moment Sam quantum leaps into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself as a soldier and he is in a boat heading towards a nearby battle and Sam finds himself in world war 2!.

He says

"Oh boy!"

The end
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