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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
- We have seen in the Wrong Stuff that because Bobo is incapable of human speech, his aura prevents Sam from being able to be understood. Does this mean that if Sam leaps into someone who doesn't speak English, if he tried to speak in English, the aura would not be able to?
Actually the season 1 episode Double Identity answers this. He leaps into a man who while able to speak English is well known for utilizing it very little. Sam is responded to with concern a few times when it is being noticed that he is not been speaking in Italian. Which unfortunately is not in Sam's wide collection of languages. In addition in the salon scene he requires translator assistance from Al when expected to answer to Don Gino in Italian.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
- We know that it is not really GFTW leaping Sam around (even though it has been known to intervene if it looks like Sam is going to fail), but rather Sam is leaping himself. Does this mean that his Swiss-cheesed brain is really himself subconsciously blocking out anything that could prevent him from doing his life's work? I think it is, considering we have seen numerous occasions when the Swiss-cheese effect can be at least partially overcome if the leaper has a specific task in mind when leaping (e.g. Sam leaping into Al and preventing his murder, Bingo leaping into himself in the past to prevent Chip from murdering Commander Ricker's wife, Zoe leaping to kill Alia). This would explain why even though he does start remembering portions of his life, he continually remains oblivious to his marriage to Donna, as remembering he is married could prevent him from doing the job, which Al so eloquently put "is a dirty job, but someone has to do it"
His inability to regain his memory of Donna actually makes no sense however is explained in terms of the writing. Deborah Pratt who was more intrigued by the idea of putting Sam in an in-leap serious relationship (Abigail) regretted reintroducing Donna in The Leap Back. Sad in my opinion as I am a Sam/Donna fan, but his never remembering her is most likely a failed attempt to erase the idea that Sam is married back in his present.

Another way it can be seen from the storyline angle is that the possibility that Sam's success in Star Crossed had somehow been reversed by a timeline changing action of Sam's after The Leap Back could be entertained.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
- Sam has leapt into women on numerous occasions. What would him peeing look like if someone walked in on him? Would it look like the leapee is aiming without anything to aim with? Or would it just look like the pee is coming out of nowhere? Perhaps Sam should just pee sitting down during these leaps :P
ROTFL! I have pondered this myself. I think it can be assumed though that as a female he sits especially when using a public restroom which is specific to females.

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