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Originally Posted by blue enigma
Yes, I've heard that explanation and Scott talk about it. Nevertheless, I respectfully disagree with it. I won't get into the nitty gritty of why because I don't want to turn this into a Donna thread either. I haven't read Mirror's Edge yet [I don't have that one]. I've enjoyed the few novels I've read and some of those authors dealt with the Donna story line -- they had some interesting theories about her and about the marriage. They aren't canon though -- they're basically published fanfics. The canon itself unfortunately didn't really do a good job with this arc and left it as a loose thread.
I am aware that the novels are not cannon which is why I am careful to reference their content with proceeding terms such as "the explanation the novel Mirror's Edge offers". I highly recommend it by the way, it's one of my favorites and in my opinion very well written.
Knights Of the Morningstar is another which portrays Donna very well and has a good over all storyline.


The issue with the clothing is an interesting one, for example Raped is one the more puzzling situations because Katie McBane was a teenager so by default smaller than the average woman, smaller then say Linda Bruckner of Another Mother but also seemingly decently slim. So Sam being able to fit into her clothes was certainly a riddle. I am not sure I have a theory to offer for that other than what has already been suggested, that they expand for him though that doesn't make a whole lot of sense either.

Another question has nagged at me. Though Sam is of course not one who frequently had sexual relationships with the people he was involved with in leaps, hypothetically for a moment lets say that he were to give in to his urges with another woman while in a woman aura. Would his partner be able to feel his 'thing' inside her? My guess is that she would since really it's no different than if he were to have sex with her with a male aura. His body is there no matter what. It's still interesting to think about though. What this really questions is how strong is the aura? How much does it actually effect?

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