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You are correct Dreams is the episode in which "Mind-merging" was first introduced as an effect on the memory but it has been suggested earlier such as in 8 1/2 Months and possibly in Private Dancer when Sam starts shakin' it on the dance floor and gets an expression that seems to ask "What the hell am I doing?" and then after telling the professional dance instructor that he doesn't dance.
Most of the time however it seems to occur when the situation is traumatic.

The question of whether he can lucidly tap into a leapee's memory/mindset is a fascinating one. We know hypnosis is one way, as you said.
In particular it would have been fascinating to explore if hypnosis could have solved the dilemma in Raped. To quote the magic 8 ball: "all signs point to yes". We actually see it almost fatally succeed in Dreams when the psychiatrist tried to get Sam to put a bullet into his own head. He had completely fallen into the mindset of 9 year old Jack Stone.
I must say however that the testimony scene in Raped is amazing. Dreams is a few leaps after so hypnosis wasn't yet introduced. Then there is the flaw with this angle that Sam would probably lose his connection with Al so there would be no one to say to password. Though perhaps the leap process would clear it mind of it.
But to lucidly conjure something from the leapee's mind whether it be a language or a memory is more in Medium/Psychic territory. For example if Tamlyn were a leap she may be able to. If it's even possible for Sam to have that kind of an ability he would probably have to train his mind to open up to plains beyond earth and sense.

The Oswald episode while extremely well written and amazingly performed by Scott made little sense to me other than being one of the leaps involving a public figure which was forced upon them by the network. Why would he have leaped throughout different periods of a guy's life who couldn't even have accomplished the task of saving Jackie Kennedy(which is proven when he leaps from Oswald into a secret service agent)?
There wasn't even really an explanation as to why the mind merging was at it's most powerful here. Or was there? It's not a favorite so I've only seen it the once.

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