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Hello again!

Yes I'm Back, and what am I talking about?...... Thats right!, QL Technology! Again I am plotting my mad schemes about making technology (see: for my last wafflings! )

Now to the point, *AHEM* I was wondering if anyone had any detailed photos of the Imaging Chamber/accelorator Chamber/waiting room doors and/or especialy the Console Table oh I love Q.L. *sigh*

I have seen many and, as I did for the Handlink made plans, (Ask if you want me to post them ) and I have seen most, of course when season 4 DVD comes on the 28th, Ill get some caps! But I thought I'd ask here I can't wait for Season 4!!!!!!!!! (I have been to the P. Q.L. Imaging Chamber section)

So, this is me signing off! *Al dissapearing sound*
~ Jeddie
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