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Brian doesn't want to squash anyone's creativity and I think he is aware that people have been using fairly large signatures for a while now. More people are using signatures and more people are becoming active in the forum. This is a good thing! But if the signatures completely drown out what people are saying, then it's almost like we're viewing a Signature Gallery insted of a discussion. I think Brian is very sensitive to what people want and that is why this is a gradual thing. Anyone who needs help getting their signature a bit smaller will get it.

The new size limit that Brian was mulling over was 700 x 120. Your sig can be wide, but not very tall.

Sam Beckett Fan, your quotes are perfect, but they are under your post, so it almost looks like part of someone else's post. What do you think of this:

"As i travel in space and time, i want to stay, i want to go, you see my face but it's not mine, what you can't see, you'll never know"

"hello baaaaaby!.......revenge is mine thus sayth the hologram, wha wha wha!"

Let me know if you like this (or if you hate it ) and I can help set it up if you want.

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