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God, I loved that title! LOL!

Greatest Threads of The Rod

You could start with this thread:

The very 1st posting of Yours truly.... After this, it shouldn't be too hard to find great threads by Him.

This thread could also be used:

The Rod's 1st Visit to Al's Place:

The 1st time Matt & The Rod butted heads over His style of expression:
(editor's note: There were MANY of these! The man finally rubs off on ya!)

If you looked real hard, you will spot the thread (Not the above) where The Rod's medication worked, and He spoke in the 1st person tense for a sentence. Wouldnt this be worth a mention??

The Origin of The RodVision:

One of The Rod's favourite moments:
The Rod struck BACK for The Leapers against The BSG Trolls.

The Very 1st RodVision:

Matt Coined "Hot Rodder":

If you think about it, Al's Place IS The Home of The Rod, and any notable appearances by Him should be documented (In His humble opinion that is!!) within this forum, especially if is shutting down its QL board.

Just His Two Cents...
He's a Hot Rod Baby!!!!

Rod Out!!

(for the full topic thread, since it might get archived, check out )
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