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A so-so episode this one. It does have its moments (which we will touch on soon), but for the most part it feels pretty lacking.

First of all, I find the characters of Lynell and the Reverend to be equally uncompromising and, well...annoying. I do sympathise with them both on some level, but I can't help but feel that the dynamic between them was badly written. Every scene they share together feels repetitive.

The good things about this episode mostly revolve around Sam's position and the host he's occupying. The scene where Sam beats up the thugs is just comedy gold. Very funny stuff in all the singing segments, too.

I am, however, peeved at the abrupt ending. Al doesn't give us any info on what lies ahead for Lynell and her father or any of the other girls. It ends strongly with Lynell's song and the embrace with her father, so I get why they wanted to end it right at that moment. But I always get annoyed when we don't get a final summary from Al, as it does leave everything up in the air. Did Lynell ever achieve her dream? Who knows.

My rating. Average. Overall, the episode does have a pleasant feel to it, but I do find it lacking in many different ways.
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