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Here's my theory on the identities of "The Evil Leapers".

I think that the evil time travel project was set up by a rival of Sam Beckett's. This rival probably had some kind of personal grudge with Sam, and actually had an insider working at Project Quantum Leap, who stole information allowing him to build an accelerator of his own.
The plan being to undo what good Sam had done, kill Sam, destroy Project Quantum Leap, and then go public and pass off the discovery of time travel as thier own. This is how I always reasoned it.
I think if the show made it to Season 6, then the idea of Evil Leapers would have been explored a bit further, and a new story arc would have been set up.
Sam having to battle another Evil Leaper, while back in the "present" Al would have to find out who the insider is leaking information.

Not too sure about the idea of The Boogiem@n running things. I guess it makes sense, but rather than him setting it up directly, I think a more realistic expanation is that he's "influencing" somebody to set it up and run it.
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