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Originally Posted by Semi-Automatic Leaper View Post
Even though it's done for entertainment, that there's a an 'evil' mirror version of Sam. It is convenient that they had a hybrid computer, a holding chamber (waiting room), an imaging chamber and of course an observer. In the "A-Z of Quantum Leap" book i'm reading, it says that the Evil Project may have been based on Sam Becket's theories. Although since it was top secret i doubt they'd be published so perhaps someone stole them and came up with the idea of doing their own project?

We also know that they have more capabilities, such as Lothos controlling where the leaper goes and the timing of the leap.
It's of course, entirely possible that the Evil Leaper project is in fact in the future past the Quantum Leap project. It's not hard to imagine that an oppressive regime could come to power what not only ruled over the people with an iron fist, but revamped the Quantum Leap project to make ruling over that society much easier to consolidate its power base.

The reality is that with things like net censorship and sedition laws, we're on the verge of seeing just that very kind of society in the next 20 years or so, so a future portraying that isn't that far fetched.
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