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Originally Posted by ChickenStu View Post
I have a theory that the rival project was set up by a former colleague/friend of Sam and Al's who had actually worked with them on Project Quantum Leap - but for whatever reason they had to fire this guy.

He finds out somehow that Beckett used the accelerator and what it is he is doing - so he somehow sets up the rival project under the asylum of an enemy nation to the States - and sends Alia in to find Sam, destroy him, and claim credit for the creation of the technology himself.

That's a theory I could've bought. The reason he has them ruin people's lives in because he knows it will eventually cause Sam to show up - so they can assassinate him.
This is my theory, too, more or less. It makes sense that there would be other scientists who would envy Sam and try to undo him, steal his work and credit it as their own, etc. A disgruntled employee at PQL who felt passed over for a position or whatever might have turned on Sam and the project and started leaking info to a rival scientist. Whether there is anything supernatural involved, like the Devil, is a matter of interpretation - I think it can be looked at either way.
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