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I think it's an incongruity in the story. Deliver us from Evil seemed to be more of a "mirror" of Quantum Leap. The same basic tenets, but evil. The Return episodes really fleshed out the backstory and made it clear that the destructiveness of history is a "mission" for Lothos and their project.

I don't think Quantum Leap was ever what you would call a "mission", although certainly they flitted between the morality of Sam wanting to change the world, vs. the happenstance of being a time traveler stuck in the past, all while giving him a few fleeting opportunities to fix things in his own life (and eventually Al's). Maybe that's what made Quantum Leap an enduring story -- the motivations were wide and varied.

The more we heard about the Evil Leapers, the more it seemed to be deliberate ruination of lives, governments, and other organizations by some really twisted people. Don't get me wrong, I liked the concept of the Evil Leapers, probably more than most viewers, but something tells me if they had continued to go in that direction with the story, they probably would have run out of gas after another 1-2 episodes. It's too easy to turn into a pure-as-driven-snow infallible Hero vs. one-dimensional Archvillains.

But don't take my word for it. There's a whole section of Quantum Leap stories here on Al's Place both from QL's and the Evil's points of view.
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