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Default The Evil Leaper(s)

This thread is about the people who work on the Alternate Project Quantum Leap:-

We first are informed about the Alternate Project Quantum Leap in the episode "Deliver Us From Evil", where Sam has for the first time leapt into the same person a second time, namely Jimmy Lomada. He has leapt here to stop whatever force is putting wrong what he originally made right on his first leap. From his first leap into Jimmy he got Jimmy accepted among the Lomada household and the community, by getting Jimmy a job at the docks, holding it down, and saving "his" nephew Corey from drowning. At the time of the second leap into Jimmy, Ziggy is going nuts trying to figure out why history is changing. Now Connie and Frankie (the happily married couple) break up, Corey runs away and is never seen again, and Jimmy gets institutionalised once more and is never again released. During a verbal argument with "Connie", Sam grabs Connie, trying to prevent her from walking away, causing the magnetic fields giving the auras of Jimmy and Connie to break, thus allowing Sam, and the other leaper, Alia, the ability to see each other for who they really are.
Alia also suffers from a swiss-cheezed memory, and has a hologram named Zoe as her link to her time. The computer that gives her her assignments is named Lothos. Alia is extremely inquisitive when it came to finding out all about Sam, but was given strict orders by Zoe to tell Sam NOTHING. This is because it was ALIA who was changing history and ruining the Lomadas lives. Just as it looks like Alia has succeeded in her assignment, Lothos gives her another, to kill "the good Dr Beckett". Sam talks her out of it though, saying that evil can only exist because of good and that if she killed him she would kill herself. It is clear that Alia does not want to do the evil deeds she is being told, and that what is REALLY evil is what trapped her in time. After giving in, Alia is tortured and it looks as though she has been killed when she is illuminated with RED light and electrocuted, when in actual fact she has simply leapt out, and the alternate history she created around the Lomadas was erased.

We next see Alia in "Return (of the evil leaper)" who has leapt into a young co-ed named Dawn, who is the Homecoming Queen of the University where Sam's alter-ego, Arnold Watkins "the Midnight Marauder" attends. Her assignment is not at all clear in this episode, but it seems that she has been sent to this situation to ensure that Arnold dies, who ironically has been sent to the future with Sam in his place in an attempt to save him. Alia and Zoe discover that Sam has leapt into Arnold when they see him talking to Al (who they can not see). Alia is obviously cut up about Sam being here, but tries to continue with her assignment so that she won't be tortured again if she fails. Sam eventually does find out the plot when he touches Alia and then can see her, and this time convinces her to go along with what he's been there to do and to hold on to him, because he theorises that if they are touching as one of them leaps, the other will leap with him/her. When Alia fails in her mission to kill Arnold, Zoe tells Lothos to leap her out and saying that she will kill Alia herself. However at that same moment Sam leaps also while touching Alia. They simultaneously leap into a women's prison, and it is unclear as to whether Alia had leapt with Sam, or Sam had leapt with Alia. Being tortured for allegedly murdering a fellow inmate doesn't make the answer to that question any easier. It is clear that it is Sam's leap however, when Al makes contact with Sam, and says there are two women in the Waiting Room. He says that Sam and Alia leapt there to find out who really murdered their fellow inmate, Carol Benning. To prevent Zoe and Lothos from finding Alia, Sam hypnotises Alia and makes her remember nothing but whatever pieces of her alter-ego's memory she can get hold of through mind-merging. This blocks Zoe's connection to Alia through their brainwave connection.

Meanwhile, Zoe has leapt into the Warden of the prison. Why? To kill Alia for her betrayel. Unfortunately Zoe, Lothos, and her new hologram, Thames, can not trace Alia because of the hypnosis that altered her brainwaves, the fact that Zoe's brainwaves are now connected to Thames as well, and that there is no counterpart for Alia in their "Holding Chamber" (waiting room). Through conversations between Zoe and Thames, we find that it had been Lothos's plan to send Zoe as his leaper instead of Alia in the beginning. Zoe is truly evil and will stop at nothing to get her revenge.

Eventually, Sam and Zoe get into a struggle and are able to see each other for who they really are. Then a game of cat and mouse ensues, and when Zoe has them cornered, she shoots at Alia. Alia leaps out just before her counterpart is shot at, and then Sam shoots Zoe before she can shoot him. Thames gets Lothos to leap Zoe out, and that is the last we see of Alia, Zoe and Thames.

Because Alia's and Zoe's counterparts were unharmed when they leapt back despite being shot, it appears that if a leaper is harmed, they take their injuries with them when they leap.

My theories:

Alternate Project Quantum Leap was created by the Devil Himself as a means to re-make wrong what Sam had already put right, or make another mistake in time to make up for it. I also believe that Alia, Zoe and Thames are all demons sent from Hell to do the Devil's bidding - quote Zoe "We CLAWED our way out of Hell Alia to land simple assignments like home-wrecking." This also ties in with my theory that all leapers are actually DEAD, like Schtopper in Mirror Image, and as such, Sam actually died when stepping into the Quantum Leap accelerator, and since he can't be brought back to life, he can't be sent home. The reason I think that Sam went back home when he simo-leapt with Al in the Leap Back is because he actually leapt into Al. Since we never see Sam's reflection in that episode, it is quite possible that had he looked in the mirror, he would have seen Al looking back at him rather than his own reflection. But... you'll ask... how does everyone know it's Sam and not Al? Because of the letter he sent to the project.

Since Lothos controls Alia's/Zoe's assignments and CAN control their leaping, I believe that Lothos is actually the devil in a different form.

Does anyone know the names of the actors who played Alia, Zoe and Thames?

Feel free to post your theories here. My favourite episodes are the ones with the evil leapers - it's hard to get your mind around but so much fun to watch.
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