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I believe, as the evil leaper episodes suggest, that Alia was never truly evil and instead trapped in time by Lothos. It appears as if she was forced to become the guinea pig in an experiment in order to escape the hell that she was living in. Do I think that it literally was Hell? No. Despite Zo?'s comments in "Deliver Us From Evil," it's possible that she was calling whatever place she came from "Hell" because of being tortured.

The reason I think this is because I don't believe that the evil leapers were ever actually dead, nor do I believe Sam was. (Stawpah is a different story.) However, I do believe that there's a supernatural force involved with the Project. I think it's the influence of the Devil, and that He influenced the creation of Lothos. Perhaps Lothos is even possessed by a supernatural force and is a hybrid computer of his own kind. Without this supernatural force, I believe Lothos would have been a computer more like Ziggy. Once Sam had taken Alia with him at the end of "Return" (his blue leaping aura consumed Alia over her red leaping aura), I believe Project Quantum Leap had now taken control of Alia's fate. (Or, rather, God, Fate or Time to be exact.)

Ziggy had no records of any other time-traveler, but it seems like this is because the Evil Leaper Project was built a few years into the future, ahead of Sam's time. I do believe that Alia had survived the shotgun blast because of the bullet passing through the unoccupied space in between as she leaped out. My theory is also that Zo? did actually die from the shotgun blast and leaped out after the fact. Thames naturally lost his neural-link connection and reappeared back at the Evil Leaper Project. Note: To be shot, the evil leapers MUST be alive in the first place. (The way I see it anyway, but I'm sure that will get debated.) They were trying to kill each other which wouldn't have worked if they were dead.

Also, I think Alia continued to leap aimlessly as herself, just like Sam at the end of "Mirror Image." Only from then on, she would be doing GFT's work. I wonder if both her and Sam would come in contact with each other again, with them both now on their new assignments... hmm. Zo?, Thames and Lothos were all genuinely evil, but I think Alia was always trapped working with them. Becoming a leaper herself, this only ensured her being a slave to the Project as a form of blackmail. Both a combination of being swiss-cheesed and not remembering who she used to be, and becoming numb from causing all kinds of pain in peoples' lives she touched, allowed her to do these evil deeds with more ease. It wasn't until Sam came along that she was reminded of who she really is, which caused her to crack.
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