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I agree with MOST of what you have said.

But just because something is dead doesn't mean that they can't feel pain. It just means they can't die. Think about Anhelita the Angel in It's a Wonderful Leap. Sam performed CPR on an "unconscious" Anhelita after he had run her over. She felt every bash to her chest that Sam had given her and punched him in the face, then yelled at him for running her over and hitting her.

I believe that Zoe DID feel the bullet and that knocked her out temporarily, and Thames had Lothos leap her out to SOME OTHER POINT IN TIME other than where she was and where she was from, because she had failed in her mission. I don't believe that it killed her because I believe she was already dead. Since the bullet had hurt Zoe, not Myers (who she had leapt into), when she leapt so did whatever had happened to her during the leap - that is why Myers seemed unharmed after Zoe leapt out and he leapt back. I agree though that the bullet meant for Alia hit the empty space during that split second that Alia leapt out and Angel leapt back, which is why Angel was unharmed.

You may be asking "Then why did Zoe leap in the first place to kill Alia if Alia was already dead?" I don't believe this is the case. I believe that Zoe intended simply to find Alia, torture her while she had the chance, then leap together with Alia as Sam had done to get Alia back under Lothos' control. When Zoe said "I'll kill you myself Alia" I believe that was just a figure of speech for the pain she meant to cause Alia.
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