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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
You always have very well thought out viewpoints which I admire and respect Blue Enigma, this is no different and most of the time we happen to be on the same page but we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one.

No problem.

The episode is flawed, and I can see where the way adoption is treated here would bother you, especially since the topic is more personal. I donít think the writers meant to disparage adoption (they just had something else in mind for what they wanted to do with this episode); thatís probably why they had Sam say the line about believing in adoption. But then Al tells Sam she spent the rest of her life looking for the child and they immediately focus the rest of the episode on Sam changing things so Billie Jean can keep the baby instead. Adoption as a good option kind of gets short shrift and Samís statement feels a little bit like lip service.
Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
In the original timeline she'd have been on the streets with that baby unable to feed herself let alone! Thus her regret invalid and stupid! Before Sam there was no way she could have supported that baby.

Well, she feels the way she feels. Even if in the original history she knew that putting the baby up for adoption was the best, likely only option, it doesnít mean it wasnít heartbreaking for her.

You mentioned Juno in another comment, which is a good movie, and I agree was very positive about both adoption and single motherhood. But in the case of Juno she knew without a doubt that she did not want to raise the child, she wasnít ready to raise a child, and she never looked back. The baby got a nice home with a mother who really wanted a child and Juno didnít have regrets. There are plenty of women who like Juno have no regrets once theyíve given the baby up, but there are also plenty of women who feel a great loss. So I donít see Billie Jeanís regret as invalid or stupid; itís the way she feels after making a difficult and heartbreaking decision.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It still wasn't very fair to the father and the new wife, the way they were kind of coaxed into being that support.
Though apparently they'd come around to agreeing to support her it still wasn't their responsibility to be obligated to. It was asking them to fix her problem.
Yes and no. I agree it can be seen as an imposition and a lot to ask. But giving her support doesnít have to mean theyíre fixing her problem. That support could just be enough of a helping hand so she help herself. She still may have been expected to work hard and get herself together so she could take full responsibility for her child.
It would've been extremely cruel for the father to allow his child and grandchild to starve in the street. Not that this hasn't happened a lot. But it's pretty crappy.
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