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Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Well, she feels the way she feels. Even if in the original history she knew that putting the baby up for adoption was the best, likely only option, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t heartbreaking for her.
You mentioned Juno in another comment, which is a good movie, and I agree was very positive about both adoption and single motherhood. But in the case of Juno she knew without a doubt that she did not want to raise the child, she wasn’t ready to raise a child, and she never looked back. The baby got a nice home with a mother who really wanted a child and Juno didn’t have regrets. There are plenty of women who like Juno have no regrets once they’ve given the baby up, but there are also plenty of women who feel a great loss. So I don’t see Billie Jean’s regret as invalid or stupid; it’s the way she feels after making a difficult and heartbreaking decision.
That's my point. Just because Billy Jean had regrets doesn't mean adoption wasn't the proper choice to ensure the baby's well being. The fact that she was implied to regret her decision after she gave up the child says that she didn't think it through. If she didn't think through what it meant to lose the baby than she didn't think of what it meant to raise it either. Without anyone on her side she probably would have ended up regretting keeping that child as well.

Juno was never meant to be that kind of comparison just a better example of a teen pregnancy story. You're right as a comparison it would have been invalid because Juno had felt no connection to her child and we are not told how Billy Jean felt. It could actually go either way. In Juno, Jennifer Garner's character said:
"A mother becomes a mother when she becomes pregnant, a father becomes a father when he sees his baby."
Well that's not always true, sometimes it takes seeing and holding the baby to for a mother to become a mother too. The film Waitress is a perfect example of this.

Perhaps I used the wrong words, my apologies. The adult Billy Jean with those regrets is illogical because she couldn't have kept that baby, she couldn't have supported it. The original circumstances wouldn't have allowed it proper care. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to say that I don't condone her feelings. It's certainly not entirely her fault since open adoption didn't exist in the 50's which would have been the ideal outcome because everyone would have won. The baby would be put in a proper home with people who were able to give it what it needs and Billy Jean would still be allowed a relationship with it (well you know if the adoptive parents were willing to cooperate).

Now I could see if she had sought out her child to find out if it was alright, but to regret not keeping it, no.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
It would've been extremely cruel for the father to allow his child and grandchild to starve in the street.
Honestly if the young black girl hadn't opened his eyes I wouldn't have put it past him considering how he felt about Billy Jean getting knocked up in the first place. He'd already kicked her out, if not for that woman she would have been on the streets even before that baby came. Horribly cruel yeah but a completely realistic possibility. If life always had happy endings there would be no Quantum Leap series because the concept of a man who fixes life's wrongs wouldn't exist.

What's also cruel is to allow a mother to raise a child who couldn't provide for it.

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