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On another subject (since I think at this point I'd just be repeating myself with the Billy Jean discussion), last night I streamed American Beauty. Earlier last evening I noticed it on TV so I turned it on remembering that Scott had a small role. My mother however changed the channel on me but my interest had been sparked so I streamed it as my last act of the night.

His role is small and insignificant but well done, he's basically a neighbor of the main character's in a homosexual relationship. What was interesting about it was the contrast between his and his partner's enjoyment of life and the main characters totally screwed up marriage and daughter.

The film itself is pretty dark and kinda sick but he was worth watching it for. I thought he and his partner were a cute couple, I'd have liked to see more of them.

Later tonight I'll also be checking out the HBO series 'Looking' which I was told about earlier today. Scott has had a reoccurring guest role in over half the 8 episode first season and is supposedly signed on to appear in the second as well. Judging by a screenshot the person showed me, apparently this is another gay role.


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