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Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post

Back to the different themes of some of the episodes i.e. adoption and so on...I think part of the point of QL besides keeping the audience wondering where Sam would end up next was to put different ideas out there and let the people watching the show make up their own minds. I don't think they necessarily took sides on the different issues or were trying to promote the ideas in the show. I think they were more concerned about giving people something to think about, and they did.
Clever take.
I'd never considered that the negative portrayals of 8 1/2 Months could have in fact been intended as something of a reverse psychology lesson. In later episodes however they did show consideration for the possibility of coming off as negative.
They'd intended to set Running For Honor in a high school but changed it to the Navel Academy when it had been brought to their attention that the leading influence of teenage suicides was television featuring them. (Source: Another Time, Another Place)
Then for Trilogy pt. 2 Scott was professionally coached to portray Will Kinman's stutter in a non-offensive manner.

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