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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Have you been to the restaurant? What's it like?
It's a vegetarian restaurant, and is good. There used to be one closer to me that closed. I haven't eaten at the Thompson Street location.

Here's a link to their menu:

The restaurant is just called Quantum Leap. It's not specifically themed on the show (though the owners may very well have had the show in mind when they named it).

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
On another subject, something has come to mind.
In the Vietnam thread we discussed how we are all on team "Sam can control his leaping" and it hit me. Does this mean that he could if desired will himself beyond his lifetime? Say like what happened with The Leap Between the States? Was it really his ancestor's DNA which made that leap possible?
The odds of Sam's ancestor's DNA being so identical to his is actually very very slim, if it's even possible. So my guess is that he could will himself beyond his own lifetime, but because he was so certain that quantum leaping worked only within his lifetime he needed to convince himself, and give himself a reason that he could possibly leap outside of those parameters. So, when he leaped into 1945 to save Al, he convinced himself that he could do it because part of him was Al, but it may have had nothing at all to do with that. He might have willed himself to leap that far back anyway by virtue of wanting to save his friend.
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