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Season five. This is practically an inarguable fact given that a lot of it's story lines (namely the Evil Leapers and the episodes involving celebrities) were ratings ploys to the point where all the rules were broken.
When NBC took over the series was placed in a time slot which had rivaled it with Full House and ultimately it's undoing.

Lee Harvey Oswald while a--historical figure (since celebrity is not appropriate) actually falls into a different category of deviation from Quantum Leap's original themes. This episode was Bellisario's desire due to a personal connection with the events, his need to argue with a certain documentary which he did not agree with. This is why it was a series of several leaps spanning over a period of I believe a couple of years and why the task isn't clear (except that it wasn't to save JFK), the guess being to solve the conspiracy/save Jackie Kennedy.
He once met LHO himself, in fact the encounter is featured in the episode. Remember the scene where Sam had an exchange with a solider about the authenticity of certain media sources? It seems like an unnecessary scene as it's not vital to the story but look carefully at the name on the breast of his suit, that's Bellisario (well clearly an actor portraying his younger self).

The Leap Between the States is somewhat gimmicky but I found it to be one of the better episodes. Despite being way outside his lifetime it was explained well enough to be believable and the task was well within their typical field.

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