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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Season 5 had some of the best episodes in he entire series.
Though I'll give you that the quality isn't at 'Jumping the shark' level, I respectfully disagree that it contained some of the best episodes in the series.

Originally Posted by MichelleD
Promised Land with Sam getting to go back to Indiana was touching in a lot of ways.
Ah Promised Land, another well done episode in season five, where we get some very raw core emotions from Sam being back in his hometown of Elk Ridge. There's a scene in which the eldest brother delivers a monologue to Sam that one could swear is Tom speaking to him!
Bestie and I also love the what we call 'almost-high five' between Sam and Al. XD

Originally Posted by MichelleD
Memphis Melody to me is worth watching just to hear Scott sing, although the story itself isn't one of my all time favorites.
My opinion exactly. From the beginning until the end of the 'Amazing Grace' performance is all I really prefer to watch of Memphis Melody. And as a tidbit, during Scott's singing there is a cameo of his daughter Chelsy, the young girl in a green dress who's bent in prayer. Even from that angle I can see how at least at the time she looked a lot like him.
Though I'll say that Scott does a great Elvis singing voice.

Originally Posted by MichelleD
And I liked the Trilogy and Evil Leaper story lines. Yes, I do realize not everyone will care for them and there are valid reasons for that, but I'm among those who do like them.
As am I. Recently I've come to be able to tolerate the Trilogy more though I'm still not a fan of the child Abigail nor the fact that Sam slept with her as an adult.
The evil leapers while no doubt purely a ratings ploy, I happen to find fascinating. I'd have liked to learn more about their project and character backgrounds.

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